Eugene Burger Management Corporation Offers Value Proposition to Real Estate Investors

Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) offers “The Property Management Value Proposition”. EBMC notes that property management is at its core a discipline committed to creating and managing systems tailored for the comfort, safety, as well as productivity of its business and residential tenants. Property management shows itself to be an important driver of real estate value. In addition, property management is a significant contributor to the bottom line of the owner/investor.

Professional property managers are known by their CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation. Their responsibility is to enhance net operating income and asset value particularly via the tenant experience within a single property or throughout a geographically varied portfolio.

Through properly executued property management, EBMC works to serve the specific needs of its clients. It takes a front-line responsibility for the fiscal, administrative, and operational health of a property or portfolio. This includes everything from tools for tenant selection and retention to all areas of the income/expense statement. EBMC works in association with the asset manager to achieve the CEO’s (Chief Executive Officer’s – the owner/investor’s) objectives.

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