Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) Creates Customized Property Management Programs For Clients

Eugene Burger Management has mastered skills in asset management, budgeting, tenant relations, vendor contracts, maintenance, sales, marketing, leasing, and property brokerage. They create customized property management programs for clients and they have broad expertise in all phases of commercial real estate management in addition to leasing and sales. They offer a comprehensive range of services. These services include specialty consulting, asset management, property management, and maintenance.

Eugene Burger Management is able to put in place a management program to meet the specific needs of their clients, who are the owners. They achieve this employing practical management knowledge, experience with government agencies, sound financial analysis, careful tenant selection methods, as well as intense supervision. EBMC has a long history of effectively managing multifamily residential real estate properties. They manage office parks, industrial properties, bowling facilities, retail shopping centers, medical facilities, and self-storage facilities.

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