Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) is a Provider of Real Estate Management Services since 1968

Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) was created in 1968 as a joint venture between Eugene Burger and Theodore Barcelon, using its previous company name Barcelon-Burger Management Corporation. Since the beginning, the company has been managing real estate and has been supplying the very same variety of products and services it offers at this time. Eugene Burger kept the original company charter when he established Eugene Burger Management (EBMC) following the separation of the original partners in 1979. The company’s growth persisted for the following years and subsequently expanded in the year 2004 with additional workers of experienced and credentialed professionals including a new head office in Rohnert Park. After that, the business has been supplying a complete array of property management solutions and has earned a name for itself in the area of coping with each complex management program issues residential and commercial property owners demand.

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