Eugene Burger Management Corporation Is a Leader in HOA Management

The management of coops, condominiums and other homeowners associations requires special skills and experience.

Eugene Burger Management Corporation has managed associations (cooperatives, planned unit, condominium and homeowner’s associations) in California and Nevada since they first started in business. EBMC is well known and respected in the HOA market as a leader and innovator of association management practices and procedures in California and Nevada. Eugene Burger Management client base includes high rises; large master planned developments, commercial condominiums as well as smaller communities. EBMC offer a full range of association services including management, financial services, consulting and expert witness.

Currently, Eugene Burger Management manages approximately 325 associations with an estimated 20,000 units located throughout California and Nevada. EBMC is family owned and operated and has the unique ability to tailor its myriad of services and talents to maximize customer service and serve its clients needs. The offices of EBMC are conveniently located and are well established putting EBMC in a strong position when it comes to providing services and granting volume discounts.

EBMC offers clients the benefit of years of HOA experience. Eugene Burger Management provides a team of dedicated professionals that fully comprehends all the complexities of association management. Whether assisting an association on a multi-million dollar renovation project or simply handling routine service requests, EBMC has the tools and expertise to get results. Eugene Burger Management provides a full range of financial, management and administrative services to homeowner associations.


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